Viviana Arn's Reflections Ring

Viviana Arn Demonstrates The Reflections Ring

Viviana Arn, the designer of the awarded work Reflections - Ring by Viviana Arn says, The reflections are created by the shape of the ring itself and by the unique signs that mark its surface. This ring is part of a collection, in which each ring i <Cropped>

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Award Winning Multifunctional Sideboard Multifunctional Sideboard

Peter Fritsch Designs The Multifunctional Sideboard Multifunctional Sideboard

Peter Fritsch, the designer of the awarded design Multifunctional Sideboard by Peter Fritsch demonstrates, At the time when almost 40% of the population lives in crowded conditions is the biggest challenge to provide a solution to arrange little spac <Cropped>

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Purseat by David L

David L Portrays The Purseat Child Safety Seat

David L, the project leader of the awarded project Purseat by David L illustrates, "car seat, easy cot, booster cushion & handbag" in one device. For parents looking to eliminate the hassle of moving around the safety seat, the Purseat <Cropped>

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Lampa Award 2018

Lampa and Desall Invite You to The New Edition of The Lampa Award, With The Aim of Exploring Innovative Solutions For Technical Accessories For Clothing Items Dedicated to Street Wear World, Including Tuck Catches, Cord Stoppers, Buckles, Fasteners, Stopp

Lampa and desall invite you to the new edition of the lampa award, with the aim of exploring innovative solutions for technical accessories for clothing items dedicated to street wear world, including tuck catches, cord stoppers, buckles, fasteners, <Cropped>

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Bedside Organiser by Renata Gutierrez and James Rowland

Renata Gutierrez and James Rowland Discloses The Komodo Bedside Organiser

Renata Gutierrez and James Rowland, the author of the displayed work Komodo - Bedside organiser by Renata Gutierrez and James Rowland explains, Being wall mounted, Komodo was able to maintain a minimal style. It was designed to accommodate the overni <Cropped>

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Universal Smartphone Holder by Fromwest & Kairi Eguchi Design

Fromwest & Kairi Eguchi Design Exhibits The Xporter Neo Universal Smartphone Holder

Fromwest & Kairi Eguchi Design, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Fromwest & Kairi Eguchi Design's Xporter Neo Universal Smartphone Holder explicates, "Xporter Neo" was developed to carrying smartphone in a state which <Cropped>

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Tea House:ming Yu Tang & Tea House by Raynon Chiu

Raynon Chiu Designs The Ming Yu Tang & Tea House Tea House

Raynon Chiu, the creator of the awarded project Award Winning Ming Yu Tang & Tea House Tea House demonstrates, The tea house uses Chinese traditional elements, which combines the raw material, and demonstrates the Chinese culture more deeply. As <Cropped>

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Hot by Viktoriia Shkliar

Viktoriia Shkliar Portrays The Hot Office

Viktoriia Shkliar, the project leader of the award winning design Hot by Viktoriia Shkliar illustrates, The design of this space is loft style. The entire interior was made in one color design, which contributes to the integrity of the space. With th <Cropped>

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Award Winning Otto Kessler-Wave Glove Glove

Anne-Christin Schmitt For Otto Kessler Spotlights The Otto Kessler-Wave Glove Glove

Anne- Christin Schmitt for Otto Kessler, the lead designer of the displayed work Award Winning Otto Kessler - Wave glove Glove says, A new and ultra-modern interpretation of a classic glove. These gloves come in finest glacé leather with piped detai <Cropped>

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Pro Carton Young Designers Award 2019

The Pro Carton Young Designers Award Is Now One of Europe’s Leading Annual Young Talent Competitions For Packaging Design. Every Student Enrolled in a European Design School or University and With a Heart For Structural and Product Design Is Welcome To

The pro carton young designers award is now one of europe’s leading annual young talent competitions for packaging design. every student enrolled in a european design school or university and with a heart for structural and product design is welcom <Cropped>

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