Calendar:multi-Use Desk Calendar by Katsumi Tamura

Katsumi Tamura Discloses The Multi-Use Desk Calendar Calendar

Katsumi Tamura, the author of the displayed work Calendar:Multi-use Desk Calendar by Katsumi Tamura explicates, NTT COMWARE’s 2015 “Multi-Use Desk Calendar” is a business tool offering a wealth of convenient uses. Combining monthly and weekly <Cropped>

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The Mobius Loop-Headquarter Office by Gang Wu

Gang Wu Designs The The Mobius Loop Headquarter Office

Gang Wu , the thinktank behind the awarded design Headquarter Office by Gang Wu spells out, The buildings require the design to reflect concise and simple building style to exhibit the China chic. Fickleness shall be avoided and simple overall design <Cropped>

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Smart Display Usb Adapter by Indare Design & Baseus Manufacture

Indare Design & Baseus Manufacture Shares The Smarter Smart Display Usb Adapter

inDare Design & Baseus Manufacture, the architect of the displayed project Award Winning Smarter Smart display USB adapter says, Smarter is a smart display USB adapter with brand new functions. It can identify the battery level of cell phone conn <Cropped>

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Cafe Bar Delicatessen by Helen Brasinika

Helen Brasinika Exhibits The Rook Cafe Bar Delicatessen

Helen Brasinika, the creator of the award winning design Award Winning Rook Cafe Bar Delicatessen spells out, The word Rook means tower and it was chosen metaphorically to hint a strategy game on an entertainment chessboard. The design concept based <Cropped>

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Haptic Fabric by Sofie Di Bartolomeo

Sofie Di Bartolomeo Reveals The Tactical Haptic Fabric

Sofie Di Bartolomeo, the author of the awarded work Tactical by Sofie Di Bartolomeo explains, Three-dimensional textile surface realized through the manipulation of the screen-printing technique. The textile has a parametric pattern, and a customized <Cropped>

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Drama Theatre by Surat Anjali Associates

Surat Anjali Associates Exhibits The Keshavrao Bhosle Natyagruh Drama Theatre

Surat Anjali Associates, the project leader of the displayed project Drama Theatre:Keshavrao Bhosle Natyagruh by Surat Anjali Associates explicates, It’s a living heritage drama theater.our main concern was to give the heritage precinct a previou <Cropped>

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Award Winning Plen Cube Portable Assistant Robot

Plengoer Robotics Inc. Demonstrates The Plen Cube Portable Assistant Robot

PLENGoer Robotics Inc., the designer of the highlighted design PLEN Cube by PLENGoer Robotics Inc. demonstrates, PLEN Cube is a portable robot that can consolidate your devices and web services, making them simpler to use and automate; capture mome <Cropped>

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Sales Office:auspicious Cloud by Chao Wang

Chao Wang Illustrates The Auspicious Cloud Sales Office

Chao Wang, the author of the highlighted work Chao Wang's Auspicious Cloud Sales Office says, Artistic creation originates from the real experience of life. To create an urban living space, first of all, the word texture should be given top prio <Cropped>

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Award Winning Feng He Branding Design

1983asia Illustrates The Feng He Branding Design

1983ASIA, the project leader of the awarded work Branding design:Feng He by 1983ASIA says, Feng He is a new chinese style home furnishing brand. Wonders of natural beauty are boundless and crane eye is the center of cloud is 1983ASIA design concept. <Cropped>

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Wireless Thermostatic Heads:my Head by Cordivari Srl

Cordivari Srl Shares The My Head Wireless Thermostatic Heads

Cordivari srl, the architect of the awarded work Wireless Thermostatic Heads by Cordivari srl explains, The thermostatic heads My Head are wireless thermostatic heads compatible with any valve with thermostatic option, are easy to be used, do not nee <Cropped>

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